Gossip Gossip ……. “that’s what is on everyone’s mind”

 ” Hey did you just check out his wall it was totally flooded with her comments . She is  into him , poor boy doesn’t even know what that bitch is planning for him .” A common jabber among girls often ascertain when you will walk pass their group hanging  in the middle of the lobby , talking on top of their voices so just to be “the” center of attraction of pin headed  mob . It’s normal for girls to behave in such manner cause they are one of their kind ,always on a hunt for attention from opposite sex . Gossip is not just limited to girls or teenagers it is part of everyone ; and from everyone I mean  human species of different age groups . It’s the art of portraying one’s feeling in such a way that the whole group agrees on your delineation .  A way to show one’s superiority over his/her arch enemy . It is also a way of satisfying oneself with a notion lacking a substantiation .  Albeit , it’s  natural to find telltale among women but i wonder what men achieve by gossiping cause if they want to be the center of attention they can easily rack up their bag with  other activities  .  So I came to a deduction that  they are doing this cause they are simply looking for a topic to chat or moot on .  It looks to me as if they have lost motif  to debate on and have refined the characteristics of their female counterparts .  The pang of jealousy which is often seen in women telltale have gradually paved their way in men’s jabber too . I know it’s lame but i can’t help myself from thinking that are they really some knight in shinning armor or just another random friend who will back stab us in the near future cause everyone in their lifetime have tarnished their souls from the malice once . It’s too alluring to keep our hands away from it .                                                                                                                                                                                                So a quick advice  for  them who have felt a blow by tattles “DON’T  BE SAD CAUSE HATERS MAKE YOU FAMOUS ” .


2 thoughts on “Gossip Gossip ……. “that’s what is on everyone’s mind”

  1. How to start ?
    I would just like to apologize from the people who thought it’s too anti – feminist .
    See I am just telling the truth from my prospective . It doesn’t make me anti-feminist , if i just wrote something disgraceful about girls. As i told you guys before “girls”(means we) are our of their kind and they do what they feel like doing . Being a girl i can tell what we feel and how we defend when we feel like our territory is at stake .

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