Gangnam Style

It may sound funny to you guys that i am still unable to get, “Why this is so song praised, loved and aped ?”
After doing some research of my own, which basically consisted of net surfing, jabbering with some friends and strangers; i deduced that it is popular cause of crazy dance moves, catchy beat and lyrics .
Well yes, i would like to emphasis on lyrics cause the translation doesn’t even make sense . The video is too colorful like a modern art painting . And no one knows what it means . It’s funny how some creativity breaks some barrier and brings revolution .

PSY (Park Jae-sang ) has done a really great job . His song talks about the life of people of Gangnam , which is a neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. His birth place is none other than Gangnam itself . Overall , this song is dedicated to his birthplace . In some way or the other i found the lifestyle of Gangnam district amusing , worth watching and enjoying .

In the end , i would just like to conclude this discussion with this; something which is distant , amusing and far beyond our mental grasp rise to fame .
I guess this is the law of attraction . Something which is  hard to understand, all of a sudden becomes attractive and runs in fashion . This is the reason behind the success of modern art .


It’s done


Finally a load is lifted from my shoulders after completing and mailing the abstract  for an upcoming Business event called Sambang in my college . The past two days were filled with chaos , insomnia and nightmares . I know i am exaggerating but it’s the best possible way to describe my excitement for this event . Since , my first year i have been crazy about this event , actually it’s not the event ; it’s the idea of endorsing a product which no one would ever bother to  buy even if they are getting it for free . In their terms weird products like NO CHARGE , SLIPPERY SLIPPERS , SKIN BLACKENING CREAM , ENERGY DE BOOSTER DRINKS AND TEEV etc. Overall it’s fun to take part in it , we just have to come up with innovative advertising strategies with lot’s of humor in it .

This is the only event for which i was waiting for so long . I was not able to take part in my first year cause i was a fresher at that time and in sophomore year i was down with flu . So, it’s my last and only chance to take part in it . I did put lot of efforts in the abstract this time . Let’s keep our fingers crossed . If it get’s approved by the jury , i will be presenting it in front of them . Yay !! a paper presentation .

Oh pretty Lord,

please let me get selected in the second round