It’s done


Finally a load is lifted from my shoulders after completing and mailing the abstract  for an upcoming Business event called Sambang in my college . The past two days were filled with chaos , insomnia and nightmares . I know i am exaggerating but it’s the best possible way to describe my excitement for this event . Since , my first year i have been crazy about this event , actually it’s not the event ; it’s the idea of endorsing a product which no one would ever bother to  buy even if they are getting it for free . In their terms weird products like NO CHARGE , SLIPPERY SLIPPERS , SKIN BLACKENING CREAM , ENERGY DE BOOSTER DRINKS AND TEEV etc. Overall it’s fun to take part in it , we just have to come up with innovative advertising strategies with lot’s of humor in it .

This is the only event for which i was waiting for so long . I was not able to take part in my first year cause i was a fresher at that time and in sophomore year i was down with flu . So, it’s my last and only chance to take part in it . I did put lot of efforts in the abstract this time . Let’s keep our fingers crossed . If it get’s approved by the jury , i will be presenting it in front of them . Yay !! a paper presentation .

Oh pretty Lord,

please let me get selected in the second round



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