Many people may find this song obsolete but when it comes to me, it’s my fantasy 🙂 .Yes, it may sound delirious to you guys . You people must be thinking that i’m a patient of hallucination . Right ?

I would just like to say that, hold your horses there people and don’t let your imagination run wild.  I’m a perfectly hale , hearty and sane human being who loves to fantasize about insane unattainable creatures . Fantasy don’t have any boundaries. It  just hit us when we’re deep in the ocean of darkness, that’s what i feel. It’s just like a mirage in a desert.

Very soon i’m gonna enter in my twenties   🙂 😦  . Yup,  mixed feelings . I’m happy cause i’m about to leave  “teen” badge and will be promoted to “ty” badge 😛 . As it’s said, “Every good has a bad “. I have to act in a more mature way by abandoning my fantasies of soul less  creatures who dwell on homo sapiens blood and warmth.

A female vampire filled with the lust for blood .

It’s true my fantasies are weird and crazy 🙂 and i’m not under the influence of any intoxicant. It’s the natural  for human beings to fantasize and dream about some unknown creatures and entity. How we gonna explain the popularity of  Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Teen Wolf , Pure blood, Vampire Knight (anime ), Blood + (anime), Hellsing (anime), Buffy the Vampire Slayer   and etc. This is just a small list of small screen series on fantasy genre, list of this genre on silver screen is never ending as seems with great hits like Twilight, Blood, Underworld, Interview with the Vampire, Abraham Lincoln the Vampire hunter, An American Werewolf in London, Van Helsing, The Howling and etc.

Vampire fangs.

Mythological creatures like Vampires and Werewolves are all my fantasies cause of their aura filled with danger, lust, lack of warmth, agony, charm and last but not the least beauty. Their trait of messing up with normal human’s brain, also add up to the listed spices.

A beauty hard to  surpass .

Vampires are cold blooded beasts who thirst for blood and warmth. They devour a living soul by sinking their fangs into it. When it comes to beauty and strength they forfeit us. Their eyes change color during their feeding urge (i.e of blood red color). They are immortal but it is believed that sunlight can lead to their demise, it is just a theory cause their is no solid testimony to prove that sunlight can take them back to their grave once again.

A werewolf on prowl .

Unlike Vampires there exists a breed of one more beast called Werewolves, their survival cannot be jeopardized by sunlight. They’re the creatures who can shape shift into a wolf or wolf like creature either purposely or after being placed under the curse or a bite or just a small scratch from the werewolf. This transformation occurs on appearance  full moon time . These beasts are attributed with strength, speed and beauty. They also feast on human flesh. It is believed that they’re vulnerable to silver bullets.

Any teenage girl would kill, to be in place of Bella . The spot is so hot and scary, i mean to say that, to be surrounded by the supernatural beasts of these kind; who loves you till their last breath but at the same time can devour you whole . 😉


Mixed baggage

This year’s college fest ended on a good note . Although i won in just one event 😦  but  made it to the finals of  my favorite ones 🙂 . I enjoyed every part of it . It was a mesmerizing fest . I was active in it from the day one .

I had a hectic schedule during the fest cause of some duties assigned by the seniors . Waking up at 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning , preparing for the events ,brushing up the notes , talking to the seniors about the slots and arrangements for outside registration of the participants and giving directions to the juniors at the help desk .

Phew, a hell lot of work  .

It’s sad now , cause we will not be able to take part in the tech fest ever again 😦 . Next year, we will be holding the tech fest as we are going to be the senior most  . My abstract wasn’t approved by the faculty members , it broke my heart though but no worries i’m gonna submit the same abstract in other college tech fest with some minute changes .