Mixed baggage

This year’s college fest ended on a good note . Although i won in just one event 😦  but  made it to the finals of  my favorite ones 🙂 . I enjoyed every part of it . It was a mesmerizing fest . I was active in it from the day one .

I had a hectic schedule during the fest cause of some duties assigned by the seniors . Waking up at 6 ‘o’ clock in the morning , preparing for the events ,brushing up the notes , talking to the seniors about the slots and arrangements for outside registration of the participants and giving directions to the juniors at the help desk .

Phew, a hell lot of work  .

It’s sad now , cause we will not be able to take part in the tech fest ever again 😦 . Next year, we will be holding the tech fest as we are going to be the senior most  . My abstract wasn’t approved by the faculty members , it broke my heart though but no worries i’m gonna submit the same abstract in other college tech fest with some minute changes .


3 thoughts on “Mixed baggage

  1. Well Tech Fests in my times was for geeky kids. Apparently, you are the leader of that pack 🙂 Good going !
    We guys were more into the Cultural Festivals, which had hormonal underpinnings 😛
    Do not be disheartened by the abstract hiccup. There is always a scope of tweaking things to our satisfaction. I am sure you will find a way out !
    Good luck and godspeed 🙂

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