Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

Put together a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

Hmm….. let me see 🙂

I  grew up with this song. Though it’s not prefect to list it out here but this is how every one’s life start.

As i grew, life took a new turn. Time changed, people changed and so do i. The power of green seemed to, overpower on my innocence. Priorities in life changed, my goals/aims took the shape of machine which just mints green papers.

Going against the world, their stupid notions and meeting new people down the road of rebellious life. A life lived only once with dreams, aspirations, new beliefs and fire in hearts to change the world and society. 🙂

After such a past.


Why don’t we give a new start ? 😛

Somehow, i managed to score well in class, got myself enrolled in a graduation program and here i’m trying hard to pursue it. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. 😀

Life is still going on, it’s just like a road. We will come across highs,lows, twists and turns. Some gonna be memorable and some i better not say that, but in the end it’s all gonna be a story which we’ll tell our generations to come.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

  1. I grew up with The Sound of Music too – the first film my parents took me to see at 3 years old! 🙂 My little voice discovered how to sing! I know people laugh at that old movie, and even I have sometimes, but the first film you ever see will always have a special memory attached. I like the Jessie J, Price Tag too – good song that one!

    I’m glad to hear you had a good education and are travelling on the right road, but a little of going against the world can be a good thing sometimes, as long as it doesn’t destroy you along the way! I left school at 13, couldn’t stand one more day of it, got enough education at home to survive, and the rest has been picked up along that long road of life. I’ve discovered there’s more than one way to learn things in this world!!
    Suzy 😀

  2. The Sound of Music my first musical movie shown by my class teacher when i was in 2nd grade, music class. 🙂 Good old days . I’m happy you liked my taste in music. Thanks a lot for appreciating it. 😀
    Thanks for your advice Suzy. I’ll try to judge everything in a more mature way now.
    I appreciate your will power and fighting trait. Yes, there’s more than one way to learn things in this world. This world is just like a mystery box, when one door closes another door opens up. Opportunities are every where all we need to do, is to recognize it and grab it. Just like dance on the chance. 🙂 I know that’s what you thought and i can see how far you have come on your own accord. I really admire you and your poems.

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