Today as you are slogging through the tasks marked on your calendar, you might notice the date: 12/12/12. This will be the last date with the same number for day, month and last two digits of the year until New Year’s Day, 2101 (01/01/01)–89 years from now.

People it’s the time to celebrate this day. Open some bottles of champagne and put on a nice and groovy song to shake up a little. Celebrate it like a new year cause the world’s gonna end on 21/12/12.

Shocked. right?

Well according to ancient Maya calender prediction the world’s gonna end by 2012. By studying the movement of stars, planets, the sun, and the moon, the ancient Maya created multiple calendars that tied natural phenomena in their world to the alignment of objects in the cosmos. Decisions about farming, celebrations, war, and politics were connected to these timed cycles. The long-count calendar, created to document extended periods of time and to record dates for event comparison, expires on Dec. 21. This has paved a way to many disputes among the scientists, astrologists, archaeologists and common people too.

Now they are saying Earth is soon gonna collide with some unknown planet named Nibiru and this is gonna happen on 21/12/12. Seriously, people do you believe this shit. I mean, use your logic guys just cause they have not updated their calender after 2012 , we people should assume that the world will end. Every thing present in front of our eyes will vanish like a puff of smoke. There will be no existence of any living soul after Dec.21.

I’m not an expert archaeologist, scientist and astrologist, who can give you logic and proof that whatever they are saying is right. I’m an optimist who believe that human no, let’s say earth’s existence will not vanish from the light year so soon. I’m not having any documentation to back up myself, it’s something which my heart says. 🙂 I might appear to be naive with this “listening to heart” statement, but this is what everyone’s parent advice them to do.

Let’s just forget about apocalypse and plan for the future where we’re living free from the worries of the world’s end. We should always see the brighter side of  everything that’s what my father says. 🙂

I have made a whole long list of adventure sports which i’ll be trying in the year 2013.

1. Bungee jumping

2. Rafting

3. Sky diving

4. Paragliding

5. Scuba diving

6.  Making diet coke and mentos rocket

I’m saving some fortunes for these sports. I know list is not too big 😦 but first i have to conquer this then, i can say  Sky is the limit . 😛

In the end i would just like to say, people raise your glass for this year and future years to come.


6 thoughts on “12/12/12

  1. Intriguing list, I must admit. 5 out of 6 end with -ing 🙂 You do like to live in present, one might be tempted to conclude if new to English language 😛
    Its good to be alive in the Age of Aqua 🙂

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