Story of her tears


 Look, look there a woman cries.

Her tears are fake like her smile.

Her clothes are torn,

because she was acting wise.

Fighting for her basic right.

What a naive child?

Bleeding profusely on ice.

Blood? I see no blood.

It’s her deeds;

her karma,

her punishment.

That’s what they said;

while her blood mixes with ice.

All her life;

she tried

tried hard

to be


 good daughter,


nice sister



loyal wife.


they call her

a naive child.

Nobel men

tell me her fault.

Her faults?

There ain’t no fault.

She’s a woman


this is her fate.


A woman needs love and respect 

not because she’s fragile.

Mark my words;

 She’s stronger than any mankind.

She needs it because it’s fuel for her engine.


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