Space of my own

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

A space hidden from the roving eyes of people. Serene , calm and tranquil space, away from the hustle bustle of the city. A place near to the beauty of nature. A space where I can be myself. A space where the birds chirrups , the sunlight smiles and moonlight dance on my window panes. A space where no one will judge me for my actions and reactions.

A space filled with me, my solitude, books; no not just books stacks and stacks of books, fountain pens, ink, notepads and typewriter.


 A space where my fantasies will unwind and will take the shape of words in my writing and reading. A space which will fill the voids inside me. A space where I will live my dream. My perfect space would be free from walls created by the outside world. It’s gonna be my secret laboratory just like Dexter’s without Dee Dee’s regular interference or say annoying visits. 😉

It's all I want to have.

It’s all I want to have.


21 thoughts on “Space of my own

  1. Mine would be somewhere outside, somewhere sunny, but with shadow, and either grass or sand I can dig my toes in 😀 Yeah, my idea is not very clear, but I love bringing my mac or a book to cafe in the summers and work there – especially when writing I find that it’s good to have movement around me 🙂 Perhaps my space should be made on a train or a bus – not only because f the movement, but also because it’s impossible to go and do something else 😛

  2. I’ve always liked rooms with odd angle ceilings, where I get to make true reading, writing, and listening nooks on over-stuffed pillows atop a not too long comfortable storage unit (where more pillows and blankets await). Books line the walls, Brandenberg concertos play in the background, the windows (of course, they are along the outside of my nook) look out on trees, birds, and horses in a pasture.

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