Buzz Buzz…..

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

In my high school days it used to be lifeline.  All the gossiping, flirting and bitching was common at that time. It’s what all the cool kids do. Oops !!  instead of cool I should say naive kids do. Said by the very wise men; “As we mature, the relationship matures with us”. 😀 Maturity brought changes in my life and in my relationship too. Unfortunately my lifeline choked and my now I live a buzzing free life. 😉

 My lifeline died from the loss of oxygen. Technically speaking  I lost my so called “bitching friends circle” . The distance between us (FYI phone bills) , cut the supply of oxygen for my lifeline. 😦

Oh! wait a sec here my phone buzzed. 😉

Nah! I’m not gonna check it. It would probably be some useless notification from apps or my email, which I use rarely visit (P.S. I’m lying here). 😛

It first used to used Buzz like a bee. :(

It first used to used Buzz like a bee. 😦


4 thoughts on “Buzz Buzz…..

    • Yup, I had one and I still own one here in my college too. 😛 The only difference is that the circle is not too big and the people are not much interested in other life’s, like we used to be back during those high school times. 😉

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