Can’t Nobody

First things first, I’m really sorry for not being here for quite some time. I have been very busy with my semester exams and mocks. Mocks are the practice exams taken by our seniors. It helps us a lot because it gives us an overview of what we will be facing during placement time(FYI on campus placements). It usually consists of four rounds in which they check our communication skills, technical and general knowledge. You must be thinking that it’s a piece of a cake then stop right there, it’s not. It’s a mixture of things here I mean to say, it’s exciting, fun, interactive and at the same time scary.  Let me list out all the four rounds here for you people.

Round One: Aptitude Paper(90 questions in 90 minutes)

Round Two: Group Discussion( 2 topics at max.)

Round Three: Technical Paper

Round Four:  Personal Interview also known as PI( Technical and HR both at the same time, kinda like back to back)

I have qualified two rounds and two more rounds to go. I performed pretty well in first two rounds, lets hope I do well in my Technical and PI session too. Tomorrow I have an interview for the post in Training And Placement Office. If I nail that interview then I’ll be directly interacting with the HR Officers of different companies regarding  placements and training stuffs for my batch mates.

Big stuff. Right? 😉


9 thoughts on “Can’t Nobody

  1. No need to apologise! Even I’m cutting back on what I have been doing, it happens to all of us, whatever age! 🙂 And you really can’t allow blogging to be more important than your study and qualifications! Having a blog is a strange thing, fun, but never the less an oddity that needs squeezing into what might be for some an already busy life – and I think for a student you are doing very well!

    Your description of what you are doing sounds like my worst nightmare! 😯 But I’m glad you are able to cope with it, and enjoy some the aspects of the tests – I wouldn’t! 😦 Doesn’t sound like a piece of cake at all!

    All the best with wherever it’s taking you!

    Ooh – that video is just fabulous!! That’s just the sort of thing I needed, I was feeling a little slow, that’s put some life into me now! I’m sure my young neighbours next door, must wonder what my age really is sometimes, I love so much music and so many types, it must sound very intriguing but confusing through that wall!! 😆

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