Done With The Drama

Let me warn you guys this post is going to be a rant on dating. Yes, you’ve got me right here I’m not satisfied with my dating thing. I have no idea wait I have got a whole bunch of ideas what’s really going wrong. Either way it’s not ending up as the way I wanted it to. I thought that it will bring some randomness in my life but it ended up bringing all the awkwardness. I felt like a pathetic fool. I’m not much of a romantic person so I find continuous staring creepy. Does my face resembles a pizza? I guess the answer is NO. So, please don’t provoke me to pop your eyes out. During the time of discussion have some courtesy to listen what the other side wants to say or convey. Don’t just go on assuming that the person sitting in front of you is dumb. Oh! if you really want to be a genius fellow, then at least pickup a good topic of discussion like rocket science instead of some stupid and dumb action flick. Don’t just go on inquiring all about my whereabouts. Jeez.. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in an interrogation session. Please don’t make me the one who do all the talking. Come on! God has given you a  mouth so make the best use of  it and speak up. If you want to talk about your ex then spare me. If I’m insisting on splitting up the bill then just quit you whining let me have my way with it. Stop playing with my personal stuffs like my cellphone when I’m not around. I believe in a code of personal space and please don’t break it. Don’t give the puffy eyes when things don’t work out, be a man and walk with your head held high. Last but not the least, pack your possessive attitude in a bag and throw it in a river/sea or a place from where it doesn’t returns back to haunt me. It’s cute sometimes but with the growing time I feel like your cutting down my oxygen supply. I know I’m a hard candy but these traits will really agitate anyone on this planet earth.

I’ve finally come up with a conclusion which is :

D = Dating = Drama = Dangerous.


12 thoughts on “Done With The Drama

  1. People can be very annoying – especially when they don’t behave like you want them to!! I couldn’t do the dating thing. If I ever meet anyone again, it will have to be someone I’ve got know just as a friend first, and I know I like them as a person. Might all go wrong after of course, but at least I will have tried it a different way to before! I don’t envy you at all! I hope you meet someone utterly charming to sweep you off your feet very soon, where you cut out all the garbage – just move on to heaven!! 😀 And continuous staring is creepy – it’s not normal! 😯

  2. i have had many, many crazy dating experiences, but i tend to look at them as adventures and don’t let them bother me for the most part. everybody has a story to tell –

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