Lovers Are Strangers

I’ve no idea why I’m writing this post. NO I’m not suffering from any heartbreak… It’s just that I miss my school sweetheart. He was my first friend when I got transferred to a new school. My class teacher asked him to sit next to me and from that day on wards he never left my side for the past six years. He was more than I could have ever asked for. He was smart, intelligent, cute, funny and handsome. He accepted me  the way I am. He knew all my dark and bright sides. He handled me with love, care and affection. He would stammer whenever he was asked to call out my name. He was there for me during my highs and lows. Oh! I really miss our visits to the galleries and malls.  He was a bit of old school so we were always accompanied by some friends or so. We used to cram history dates together and compete who can out shine whom on the dates data base. He would help me with maths problems and in return I would help him with chemistry reaction conversions. He never left my side I mean, he even accompanied me in the late comers crowd. He gave me strength and inspired me to study.

It would appear to you people like we were really close. Yes, I can say that we were close but our closeness was parted by the distance which sprung between us. We both moved to different cities for further studies. The innocence and sweetness of our relationship was killed by the distance. Although this all happened three-year back but I still can’t forget and forgive him. I can’t forgive him for leaving such a big void in my heart which no one will ever be able to fill it. I hate him for knowing me so well and then leaving me on such a short notice. I hate him for agreeing with my stupid decision of parting ways. I hate him because I’m not able to picture his face all I can recall his voice calling out my name and asking me to stop crying.

The memories of the time which I’ve spent with him is all fading away but the void still remains the same. It’s funny how can a close one becomes a complete stranger in no time.


12 thoughts on “Lovers Are Strangers

    • Thanks renxkyoko for your support. We cannot say that long relationship never survives on basis of some instances. I still believe if feelings are intense and mutual there is a big possibility that they can have a happy end.

  1. I know so many people who have lost friends like this, and it’s happened to me a few times. 😦 It’s a bit like death, you know it’s part of life, but you wish the loss of friends would never happen. I don’t think there is a cure for the upset, and we humans like to gain things, not lose them! I think I’ve hardened my mind to these things now, but who knows – if it happened again I might find I’m not so strong!

    Sorry I missed this post, must have not appeared in the Reader – I thought it was strange you hadn’t put anything up for a while! 😀

    • I sorry for this late reply….things are bit crazy here. I hope you will understand. 🙂

      We humans try to act like a strong species but we all know that; we are not that strong.Friends come and go but there are only few who leaves an imprint on our hearts. And we try to cherish that imprint which somewhere tends to hurt us. 🙂

      • Oh yes, no worries about the late reply – I guessed you must very busy at the moment. Hope everything is going well with your studies – you are missed! 😀

      • Thanks for understanding and I am glad to know that I am missed. 😀
        Well, my studies are going fine. It’s my final year now…so there is lot of pressure and expectations from my family and friends.

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