A final nail in the coffin

I’m bit disappointed today. I went against my will and this was because of a guy. Basically I was charmed by him. I know it’s funny to even think that a plain “doctor” would woo a girl like me. But it actually happened, I felt close to him because he is just like me in so many ways. I have never felt this kind of connection with anybody.

Anyways, I don’t see a point in mulling over our chemistry because I know we don’t have a future together. It’s time to get my head straight he is a 27 year old south indian who will get married in  one or two years and I am 24 who has started her career. I have miles to conquer before getting tied down in holy matrimony..!


So, it’s time to get serious and work towards my goal by toiling hard and burning the midnight oil..!


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