Just Like A Dream

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

It’s good to be back again.

This week started with a big bang 😉

 Day 1 :  Water Supply Engineering copies were shown and I scored good marks in it. Yay!!!

Day 2: It was the day when my professors were least bothered about their lectures.

Day 3: A day with mixed achievements, I screwed up in Concrete Structures but scored well in Principles Of Management.

Day 4: I scored good marks in Transportation Engineering too and finally I’ve started dating again.

Day 5: After a lot of net surfing I placed an online order for a very pretty dress.


Cambios De Humor Time

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Well, my blog’s title cambios de humor  is in spanish and it means mood swings.
It’s all about my  randomness,craziness and stupidity.


Confused? 😛

Keep your calm people.

I’m here for your rescue. 😉

I chose cambios de humor  because this word is so like me, all mashed up with different feelings and shifts in mind.  I have bipolar disorder and cambios de humor states it in a better way.

Oh! don’t sweat it. It’s fun to be a bipolar. You can feel different kind of feelings all at the same time. That’s why, I like to live my life in a random and crazy manner. It helps me to keep the melodramatic stuffs at bay. 😀

Sometimes, people do call me crazy and stupid. But, guess what? It doesn’t bother me because “Being crazy is fun”. 😉